One of world's most spectacular tropical island systems, Lakshadweep is tucked away at 220-440Kms off the Kerala Coast. The islands offer a precious heritage of ecology and culture. The unique feature of the Islands is its coral reef, making it a pristine leisure spot to come back to. 4200 sq. kms. of lagoon, rich in marine wealth, is spread over 36 islands in an area of 32 sq. kms. The underwater view at Lakshadweep is kaleidoscopic and breathtaking. The lagoon offers excellent potential for water sports like swimming, wind-surfing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Each island is fringed by snow white coral sands. The crystal clear water and the abundant marine life enhance the beauty of these islands. Against the vast expanse of the blue sea, the islands look like emeralds.
A) Lakshadweep Samudram (by M.V. Kavaratti)
packageLakshadweep Samudram is a Five-days cruise to visit the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy by ship- M.V Kavaratti. The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board the ship. M.V Kavaratti has 150 Diamond class accommodations. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports are arranged during the day' tour. Children from 1 year and above up to 10 years will be treated as child.
Itinerary for Lakshadweep Samudram Package
Day 1 : Cochin
   (Sequence of the Island differ as per the voyage schedule)
  Reporting Place & Time : Lakshadweep Wharf, Near FCI Godown, Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island between 0900 hrs. to 1000 hrs. (Exact boarding time will be fixed one day prior to the journey)
  Lunch on Board.
  Departure from Cochin at 1500 hrs.
  Evening Tea.
  Dinner & Overnight on board.
Day 2 : Minicoy
  After morning Tea and Breakfast, depart by boat at 0800 hrs. to Minicoy Island.
  Arrive   Minicoy at 0945 hrs.
  Greeted by Welcome drink.
  Visit Light House. Sea bath and Kayaking. Scuba diving at extra cost.
  After lunch visit village – local residential area.
  Evening Tea and Depart by boat at 1600 hrs. to the ship.
  Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Dinner and overnight on board.
Day 3 : Kavaratti
  After morning Tea and Breakfast, depart by boat at 0800 hrs. to Kavaratti Island.Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Arrive Kavaratti at 0845 hrs. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Greeted by Welcome drink. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Glass bottomed boat & sea bath and kayaking. Scuba diving & snorkeling at extra cost. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  After lunch visit Museum and Aquarium. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Evening Tea and Depart by boat at 1700 hrs. to the ship. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Arrive the ship at 1730 hrs. Arrive the ship at 1700 hrs.
  Dinner and overnight on board.
Day 4 : Kalpeni
  After morning Tea and Breakfast, depart by boat at 0745 hrs. to Kalpeni Island.
  Arrive Kalpani at 0800 hrs.
  Greeted by Welcome drink.
  Sea bath, Kayaking and Snorkeling.
  After lunch folk dance and Sightseeing.
  Evening Tea and depart by boat at 1700 hrs. to the ship.
  Arrive the ship at 1730 hrs.
  Dinner and overnight on board.
Day 5 : Cochin
   Morning Tea and Breakfast on board.
  Arrive the port and depart the ship by 1100 hrs.
B) Ship Package to Minicoy Island
Swaying Palm Package
packageSwaying Palm is a six / seven days tour to Minicoy.Tourists are accommodated in exclusive A/c cottages and other individual cottages built on the beachfront. Journey is by M.V Arabian sea and M.V Lakshadweep sea, M.V. Minicoy and M.V. Amindivi , M.V Kavaratti.
C) Ship Package to Kadmat Island
Marine Wealth Awareness Porgramme
packageMarine Wealth Awareness Programme covers a 4 – 7 days package to Kadmat to experience the richness and beauty of Marine life. Sea passage is by M. V. Arabian sea, M.V. Lakshadweep Sea, M. V. Amindivi, M.V. Minicoy and M. v. Kavaratti. One can spend 2 – 5 fun filled days on the island. Swimming, Snorkeling and Kayaking are included in water sports. A full-fledged water sports institute is functional at Kadmat. The more adventurous can indulge in scuba diving, wind surfing and parasailing.
D) Ship Package to Kavaratti Island
Taratashi Package
packageTaratashi offers a package to visit Kavaratti - the administrative capital of Lakshadweep and a four/five days stay on the island. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba dive lagoon cruise in glass bottomed boat and other water sports are on offer and can make your holiday memorable. The stay on the island is in the tourist huts on beach front. There are only 10 seats available. However more seats can be made available on dormitory accommodation.Transportation by M.V.Arabian Sea, M.V. Lasshadweep Sea,M.V.Amindivi and M.V.Minicoy, M.V Kavaratti.
Lakshadweep Package by Flight
Incredible Islands… Package covering Agatti, Kadmat and Kavaratti islands. The package is operated by SPORTS from Kochi, thrice a week, connecting Kochi - Agatti - Kadmat and Kochi - Agatti - Kavaratti by flight and speedboat.
Agatti - The airport stopover
“The Fishing Capital” of Lakshadweep, which is located 459 kms from Kochi. Agatti is blessed with an un-matching ecosystem and marine wealth including stunning coral reefs, blue lagoons, pristine beaches, water sport locations and facilities, fresh sea-food and fully furnished island beach resort.
Kadmat - The coral garden
A very large lagoon on the western side with abundant coral growth, which is located 407 kms from Kochi. Feel the unique beauty of coral reefs. Life gets the real charm here at Kadmat. The hot attractions are the silver sand beaches, excellent water sport facilities and renowned Scuba Diving Centre. Accommodations available here includes executive / family / honeymoon and AC cottages with view of the water body. Enjoy the casual dining with a focus on fresh local produce.
Kavaratti - The capital island
Located 404 kms from Kochi, Kavaratti is the headquarters of the Union Territory Administration since 1964. Calm lagoons, amazing coral reefs, thrilling water sport destinations, marine aquarium, glass bottomed boats, Dolphin Dive Centre etc., will make your holidays, an unforgettable experience.